Monday, December 5, 2016


Legend of Abhimanyu - LoA is developed on Unity 3D platform based on the great Indian epic of Mahabharata. The action adventure game is centered on the 13th day of this mother of all wars, picked specifically to portray the essence of one of the greatest battles in the history of India fueled by the fierce pride of two warring clans.

The character designs of  "BOSSES"

The bosses of "legend of Abhimanyu" are well known mythology characters,my task was to design the characters keeping their reputations in mind but but to make them gamified and give them an attire which is a bit evil as they are an opposite army and will fight following no rules being brutal and merciless .each and every character has 3 to 4 layers of Armour,which can be broken after continuous hit on their Armour,the colors and stones i picked are connected to the powers they have like electricity,fire,wind and water etc.

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