Saturday, November 27, 2010

(old) covers & pin-ups

I colored this cover for "Arkin comics(india)", the character's name is TIKSHNA.

wooh..! so happy with this of my pin-up,i never thought that this could have been selected for the very known  international comic company TOPCOW's annual witchblade issue....

This cover is for avtar press ,which i did for DIGIKORE STUDIOS ...all these cover  below are from digikore studio..for  their out source international productions.


This one and below are for DIGIKORE STUDIOS 'S home production comic 'CHARLIE BLACK'

A pin-up of upcoming comic on the very known television series 'CID'..ya now they are going to launch their comic on it. 

concepts(my penciling and colors)

(old) sequential art colors for different companies like Topcow,arcana comics,boom studios,avtar press and soleil productions.

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