Monday, May 20, 2013

Personal and outsource works(my penciling and colors)

A cover of "SuperGods" series for Avtar press.

TRIKSHNA COVER (written by sourav mohapatra)

                                                                     MEDUSA For KJ Murphey                                                                                  

DRACULA pin-up for KJ Murphey

 a new project, i'm doing for mr. ravinder pal singh bedi ji,he only wanted the facial expressions of  RADHA and KRISHNA ,wearing rich attires like a newly wed couples,looking into each others eyes..:)

Making something for my it is a glimpse of it..thought ,should let you guys know about how is it going..:P 

                                                               link for this website-

                                         A glimps of "lord of the rings" pin-up page.

                                                       My tribute to sir frank frazetta... 

    colored this one in a watercolor manner(digitally)(artworks by abhishek malsuni) for air india magazine

Me and abhishek have worked on almost 6 to 7 pin-ups back to back for ZENESCOPE MEDIA now..and this is one of my favorite..:)...there are more to come..:)

designed this character (penciling and colors ) for rovolt entertainment.

made this cover for shamik das gupta's YUMI(comic book)

Latest(2013) sequential arts(my colors) for ROVOLT ENTERTAINMENT'S "THE LEGENDS OF AVEON 9"

Latest covers and pin-ups(my colors) for ROVOLT ENERTAINMENT'S "THE LEGENDS OF AVEON 9"